• Web Site Design, Redesign & Design Upgrades

The design of your web site is a direct reflection of your company. In a few fleeting moments, your web site’s design will reveal to visitors what kind of business you operate and how you want to be perceived. We initially created original web site designs from the ground up, but we now promote the use of high quality fully customizable web site template designs, with self-adapting formats that render on web enabled Smartphones, tablets, and large screen monitors. These pre-coded template designs typically offer many useful plugins, widgets and stock images, all tastefully blended into a highly efficient web based marketing tool, that even provides an intuitive and user-friendly web based administrative interface. Making web sites more accessible is also what we do.

  • Community Portal (CMS) Site Design”Content Management Systems”

We set up and customize WordPress and Joomla web sites. Both are award winning, fully self-contained, open source, content management systems with features like Blogs, RSS Feeds, Surveys, Multimedia Presentations, Event Calendars, User Profiles, Forms, Newsletters, E-Commerce solutions, Live Support, and more. In fact, both Joomla and WordPress are highly extensible and thousands of extensions are available.

  • Customized “Constant Contact” Email Templates

Several of our clients use Constant Contact, for mass emailing purposes. We create customized “Constant Contact” friendly email templates that can mirror your web page’s design, together with hyperlinked images to direct recipients right back to your web site. The end results are polished looking mass-emails that conveys your professional message.

  • Geo Tags & (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Local search is all the rage now on the most popular search engines.  Geo Tags take advantage of geographic indicators (your city or community name) to cause your web site or other web presence to appear on the top portion of pages to those in your relative Geo-proximity.  While we provide some basic SEO services to our clientele, we also work well with outside vendors who focus their expertise exclusively in this area of advertising and marketing.

  • Rich Written Content Development

In today’s highly competitive market there is no margin for error. We help business people develop rich content for their web site. We can help you position your business so you are the go-to person! We provide both general editing as well as specialized services. Allow us to be that objective, trained eye that creates, or reviews, your site’s information and provides effective professional results.

  • Video For the Web – content creation with personality

Video enhances your ability to sell, educate and persuade a target audience. It is fast, powerful and cost-effective. Working from the message that you would like to convey, we will present the essential character of you and your work in a style that is personal and engaging. Our stress free production approach will aid you to both inform your audience and build their trust in your business.

  • Motion based animations

Motion based animations are a fantastic way to interactively communicate your message using a time and motion based platform. Floating images and words, scene transitions, embedded video clips, are only a few of the features available. In fact, motion based animations can quickly captivate your audience and acclimate them to your site, without having to read through an entire page.

  • Web Master Services

Web sites often become neglected because the owner either doesn’t have the time or skills necessary to perform proper maintenance on the site. Or, perhaps they don’t have the budget to hire a full-time webmaster. We offer ongoing support, on an hourly, or retainer, basis, as needed to update and enhance your web site’s content, imagery, underlying code, or overall appearance.

  • Graphic Design

Our graphic designers go beyond crafting images like montages or collages; We also create Multimedia / motion based animations and highly interactive slide shows. We do image enhancing, retouching, and a offer wide array techniques to maximize image quality.

We also have on hand, an enormous In-House library of stock images, clip art, fonts, icons and more.

  • E-Commerce Web Sites

We design custom made E-Commerce sites with integrated Shopping Cart systems, using turn-key back-end solutions, like Google Pay, PayPal and others.

  • Marketing & Advertising

We design Banner Ads for the web, Multimedia CD & DVD Presentations, Kiosk Menus, Brochures and Newsletters, Logo and Letterhead Branding designs, as well as print designs.