Recreational Tree Climbing

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TreeXP recognizes the sport of tree climbing and serves to unite and inform recreational tree climbers who prefer to climb in a non-invasive manner. We offer professional recreational tree climbing consulting services, while promoting the sport of tree climbing as a way to better connect with nature and improve oneself, both physically and spiritually.

Tree climbing is a great form of exercise, creating harmony and focus between body and mind. Tree climbing is as much spiritual as it is physical and technical. Just being in the presence of trees and nature’s abundance, while exercising your body and mind is immensely gratifying. Knowing how to responsibly climb trees is like being a proficient mountain climber, rock climber, or doing any “at height” activity that requires tactical awareness. Feeling the exhilaration and the physical sensations, while high in the air, inside an old-growth tree canopy does transform an individual.

As a Recreational Tree Climber / Environmentalist, I strongly support Climate Science and Eco-Restoration. Our planet’s precious resources are a vital part of our existence. For the benefit of our environment and all living beings, I promote tree climbing as a way for us to better connect with Mother Earth.

All are welcome here, so please come join us for a taste of the TreeXP’erience.