About John Greer:

John lives on Bainbridge Island with his wife Carrie and their three children. As John strives to be a better person, his work allows him to outwardly reflect an inner light that expresses his adoration of life and beauty. Photography is his passion and he truly enjoys capturing images of nature's splendor. Sharing John's experience, as seen through the lens of his camera, is his highest honor.

JohnGreerPhotography.com and Web Shui, L.L.C., are John's domain. He's a professional web designer with an island based business. His office/studio is located next door to Winslow Green at Madrone Village. John's been steadily involved in web design and digital imagery since the mid-nineties and he often embellishes his client's web sites with his own copyrighted photos, as a value-added benefit.

John's digital photography archive includes many original high-res photographs, for use as gallery style portraits and landscapes for home or office décor. Framed canvas, acrylic or metallic prints and a number of other specialty items, like triptychs, clusters and splits are also available. Being affiliated with a number of top quality, professional photo-print services enables John to reproduce his photographs in this manner.

As John's three children complete high school, move on to college and become more independent, he plans to travel abroad and hopefully pursue photo-safaris on every continent. In the meantime while raising his family, John's work will continue to focus on capturing the splendor of the Pacific Northwest.

If you are interested in purchasing a photograph from an exhibit or online at johngreerphotography.com, please contact John directly. Private showings and consultation are offered by appointment only. John also sells digital rights to his photography, for marketing and advertising, in both print and web based formats.

Thanks for being a part of the experience.

John Greer Photography

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