About Us

John Greer, Founder

Web Shui is an eclectic mix of good design sense and esoteric wisdom.

Since 1996, we’ve designed and continue to maintain a variety of web sites for businesses, professional firms and non-profit organizations. The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway), is the practice of living harmoniously with the energy of the surrounding environment. Web Shui is a modern science geared to the needs of today’s businesses. We create and balance the natural flow of web energy.

Our services enable you to create and deliver your message and promote your web presence to local and global audiences in a tasteful and meaningful manner. Web Shui, L.L.C. does web design, graphic design, motion based animation, web hosting, web site promotional (SEO) and marketing services. Our network of talented individuals will strive to help you reach your goals and objectives.

John lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington and Web Shui LLC is a home-based enterprise. John’s outside hobbies include the pursuit of spiritual truth, photography, tree climbing, hiking, writing and social media. John’s interest in recreational tree climbing is now focused on bringing this sport to the forefront, while encouraging people to connect more with nature. TreeXP.com is John’s creation and contribution to the world of recreational tree climbing.

TreeXP, Pureland and Wheaten Terriers, are a public groups established and managed on Facebook by John. TreeXP is a tree-loving place to acknowledge and honor forests and trees from all over the world. Pureland is about a shared vision for creating Heaven on Earth. Wheaten Terriers is where over 10,000 dog adoring fans come to celebrate this amazing breed. Please feel free to visit these pages, as well as, join and participate in John’s online social media groups. Let’s all celebrate our oneness with all and come together to restore sustainability and balance, once again for everyone.

John’s digital photography archive includes many original high-res photographs, for use as gallery style portraits and landscapes for home or office décor. Framed canvas, acrylic or metallic prints and a number of other specialty items, like triptychs, clusters and splits are also available. Being affiliated with a number of top quality, professional photo-print services enables John to create various customized configurations.